Tower of London, UK

Amelie needed some one-on-one time with her mum, so leaving Rohan at the apartment with Charlie and Ruby (good luck with that!) we set off for a wonderful day learning all about children being murdered, Queens being executed and all sorts of other gruesome tales really not suitable for children.

Amelie was keen to check out the tube so we waited for our train at Paddington Station, a very short walk from our apartment. Scanning the busy platform I realised this wasn’t going to be a scenario where we get a seat or have any sort of personal space. We were packed in the train so tightly I kept having to check Amelie’s vital signs, kids don’t have the luxury of air at peak times on the tube apparently.

Leaving the little kids at home with Rohan turned out to be a good choice, I would say the tube is not an easy place to navigate with a pram, especially a double pram. I don’t think we could have tried to get it on the train if we even managed to get it down the stairs to the platform. We found the buses really easy to use anyway and really pram friendly with no crowds.

Arriving at Tower Hill station it’s just a short walk to the Tower. It cost 20 pounds for me and kids under 5 are free. There is a guided tour which I highly recommend, our guide was hilarious which really lifts the mood on the whole torturing and killing theme of the place. He told us that to become a Beefeater you need to have had 22 years experience in the Armed forces and have held a senior position, they don’t know where the name came from and in answer to the most common question from kids – no they aren’t all vegetarian.

The highlight for us was the visit to the Crown Jewels. Watching Amelie’s face was priceless, she was in princess heaven. To top it off she even managed to score a princess ring for 1.50 pound in the gift shop. There is heaps to see at this place, it’s fascinating and you could spend hours.

We ate a packed lunch by the Tower Bridge and watched the rain coming over while we froze. The train trip back to Paddington was much more enjoyable and we even scored seats and air for Amelie. Not a typical mummy daughter day out but fantastic all the same.