Venice and Florence, Italy

We’ve been flying through the travel so fast lately the blog has been put to the side until I found a moment to myself. Then I remembered I have three small children and laughed at myself for losing my mind for a moment.

Now admittedly Venice with a broken toe and a pram was never going to be easy. We decided to book a place about 40 minutes away and drove to the parking station in Tronchetto and caught the Vaporetto in. Our trick to remember where the car is parked is to get Amelie to remember it, her freaky memory is fantastic for these situations but bites us badly when she remembers something we’ve promised her months down the track when at the time we totally thought she’d forget.

It was off to a good start, I would like to point out that I never get sea sick, but riding the boat bus packed in with so many sweaty sweaty people, on an empty stomach, in intense heat, almost had me unstuck. But I somehow held it together and we got off at St. Mark’s Square and started exploring.

We were frustrated at first, there’s a lot of people and a lot of bridges with stairs which all should have been fairly obvious because it is Venice. Once we let go of the idea that we could just walk around normally like everyone else we were fine. Knowing a bit of Italian we found went a long way in Venice, of course attempting the language in any country wins you points, but we found it helped even more here.

We used the Vaporetto to get around, it was not nearly as crowded as it was in the morning, we found good reasonably priced food and coffee and just relaxed and people watched. We went down back streets and found that the city is putting in place some accessible ramps which is fantastic to see. Even better we found some good coffee at great prices with delicious croissants, parked the kids in front of the fountain to cool off and everybody was loving life.

Our accommodation was a massive two bedroom apartment below a family who have just got into the holiday letting thing. They had a huge german shepherd type thing that hated Rohan and would let him know he meant business every time he went outside. Plus it would pace around upstairs every night and wake us up thinking it was one of the kids. They were a lovely family though, the old guy would wander past the kitchen window with random offerings of watermelon or rockmelon for the kids which was very nice.

Florence was really a stop over so we could drop the rental car back, we did none of the touristy things you are meant to and had a fantastic time. Car and Florence do not go together, we will have fines waiting for us when we get back I’m sure. The kids handled the stress of the drive brilliantly, while there parents sat in the front acting like lunatics trying to decipher the impossible rules of where you can and cannot drive.

Our apartment had air con, which helped our moods considerably, and we just wandered and then retreated when the crowds became too large. We’ve made a date to see David when we go back another time, although I did see a lot of naked men in the two days we were there. It seems the Italian men surrounding our apartment preferred to dress very lightly.

We then caught the train from Florence to Rome for an overnight stay before a 4 am start to fly to Poland, where we are now. Internet once again is not my friend so I will attempt to upload more to this story once me and the wifi are liking each other again.