Stockholm, Turku & Helsinki

Our exit from Poland started with an early flight, we were up at 4am after having only had 2 hours sleep. During the night Charlie had stolen Ruby’s bear, we spent a very long time looking for it before we found it underneath him. The real kicker is he slept throughout the whole ordeal. The sleep deprivation made for a very long day.

Airport Frisks

One of us always beeps at security, it’s usually me. I almost always get the pat down, and security at the train station from London to Paris had to pat Amelie down. It was handled well, they spoke to her and explained what was happening and waited for me to reassure her as well, even seeking consent from me (although I’m sure our trip would’ve been cut short if I declined).

Charlie was not given the same courtesy at Wroclaw Airport when he needed to be checked. The woman started to try and pat him down without saying anything to me or to him. So like a champ he threw himself on the ground and screamed as loud as he could. I understand why they need to check kids but if you don’t spend one minute reassuring the kid (and the parent), your job instantly becomes more difficult. After creating the mess she then looks to me for help after talking to him in Polish without any luck I explained he only understands English, something she could’ve figured out if she had bothered to speak to us before touching him.

After that everything went very well, we had a quick stopover in Copenhagen and then landed in Stockholm before lunch time. Getting from the airport to the city centre is very easy with a very comfortable 20 minute train trip. We had the day to explore Stockholm so we stored our luggage at the train station and headed off.

Killing time in Stockholm

We picked an excellent day to land in Stockholm because the Culture Festival happened to be on. Lots of music, food and entertainment throughout the city. There was kids entertainment set up by the water, the kids got to hula hoop, juggle and practice their tight rope walking skills all for free. It’s a beautiful city to walk around in, the day was amazing.

Cruising Stockholm to Turku

We booked a cruise to take us overnight from Stockholm to Turku, Finland. Boarding the boat didn’t happen until 7.10pm, the crowd to get on the boat was crazy. Lots of tourists like us but also lots of kids sporting teams who were very excited about the trip. So much crazy stuff happened in the hour we waited to board the boat it would take up this whole post to explain. Once we boarded and found our room we were all very happy, booking the family room meant we scored two cabins with an interconnecting door. We all slept so well, after having only 2 hours sleep the night before I am very happy with the decision to go straight to bed.

We really enjoyed our short time in Turku, there was loads to see and do just by walking around for the day. We realised at the end of it that we had walked for 8 hours all up, we were having such a good time we didn’t realise. We crashed at a hotel that doesn’t have staff, you are given a code to the front door and then to your room. We didn’t see anyone else in the building for a while so it all felt a bit strange but I guess it’s how they keep costs down.

Train heaven – Turku to Helsinki

I rave a lot about how I hate train trips when we are travelling. We found the perfect train and I have vowed that it will be my last for this trip, it could not get any better then this. We could wheel the pram straight onto the train, this is major plus for us because the pram not only carries two children but also 4 bags so not having to collapse it made me so excited. We had a private family compartment with toys, and up a short flight of stairs was a playground complete with books, slide and miniature train. Amazing! Plus free wifi. The two hour trip went very quickly to say the least.


It was a short stopover in Helsinki for the night before we caught the speed boat to Estonia. Our apartment was awful, I was very glad to leave the next day. There was an event going on when we were there so accommodation was even more expensive then usual. We’ll give it another go one day but Helsinki this time around we didn’t like so much.

We are currently in Tallinn Estonia resting up before the next adventure, when we fly to the UK for a few days before heading to Iceland!