We are a family of five from Australia who decided to take some time out and hit the road for a year. Variously described as crazy, brave, inspirational and unusual, our aim is to see a bit of the world, broaden our horizons, strengthen our family bonds and have a bit of fun. Please come along for the ride.

Between us we have road tripped New Zealand, honeymooned in Thailand, went back for round 2 in Thailand (this time with a baby in tow), caught up with friends in the USA and Canada and spent a Christmas in Fiji.


JodieHi there, I am a social worker by trade, a mother to 3 little children, wife to a very patient, loving and kind man and a travel enthusiast. I love to have a good rant, even get on my high horse if the topic is good. I love meeting up with old friends over a glass of wine. Most of all, I love my family.

I am definitely the one with itchy feet in our family, most moves have been my idea and the ever casual Rohan eagerly comes along for the ride. Since Rohan and I have been together we have moved 12 times, we have been together 14 years. Ridiculous I know! This trip is the ultimate satisfaction for someone who cannot sit still but I doubt it will lead to a cure.

The urge to do this big trip now while we are young was born out of sadness. My mum died of Melanoma 4 years ago at the very young age of 52. She was on a holiday in Malaysia, came home and within days received the shocking diagnosis that she had advanced cancer, she was palliative and would die probably within 6 months. A tragedy for her, for me, for my family and the grandchildren she would never meet. But with sadness the lesson for us was learnt that you should never leaves your dreams until tomorrow.

That’s a bit about me now introducing my wonderful husband Rohan.


RohanHello I’m the one with the beard, usually with 3 small children hanging off me leading the family in the wrong direction, or so Jodie tells me.

I took leave from my job in river and groundwater regulation to spend a year with my family doing and seeing amazing stuff. I’ve done short travel stints with Jodie and Amelie, but nothing this long and never with twins in tow.

People describe me as fairly laid back, which is probably true. When I get time I enjoy reading, though I’m currently literarily frustrated by several authors in the middle of awesome series without an end in sight. I’m trying my hand at a bit of photography as we travel. I am also delving into the world of WordPress for this site, which is entirely new and interesting.

Hopefully you’ve learnt a bit about me, now I want to introduce my 3 amazing kiddies.


AmelieOur little package of amazing, Amelie charms everyone she meets. She came into this world fiercely independent, determined to do things on her terms. She doesn’t miss a trick and is very excited to be travelling the world, seeing and experiencing new things,  although she is somewhat apprehensive of seeing volcanos in Iceland though.

Amelie loves swimming, books, ice cream and milo. Going to the playground makes her day and you can often hear her encouraging her brother and sister to chase her around the park, something they happily oblige with.

Amelie is ultra inquisitive and sensitive to the world around her and the people in it.

We are so proud of the little girl she is growing into and cannot wait to share this journey with her.


CharlieOr Twin A as he was affectionately known for 9 months, Charlie is our sensitive little man who loves to cuddle. Inquistive since he could crawl, we have found this guy in so many weird spots, behind cupboards and inside boxes. He loves anything electrical –  cords, power points, remote controls. He loves to have a good look and seems to be trying to figure out how it all works.

Charlie loves his sisters, the bond between him and Ruby in particular is beautiful to watch. Being so close in age though he does know how to stir them. Anytime his sisters are feeling grumpy and needing some time alone, Charlie’s right in there usually with his foot in their face.

Charlie loves watermelon (his father is appalled), toast, chippies and has recently come around to ice cream and spring rolls. He likes to swim but loves a good playground. Climbing up high is his current favourite activity. We love this little man and are so happy he has joined our little family.


RubyTwin B, her favourite saying is “my turn, my turn.” Nothing gets in the way of Ruby, she is non stop hilarious from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep. She has recently taken on the role of mother hen and thoroughly enjoys bossing both her brother and her sister around all day long.

Ruby loves putting on a dress and dancing, the way she moves you really get a sense that she ‘gets’ music.  Apart from dancing she also loves to sing and can often be heard busting out a “let it go/twinkle twinkle” mash up.

Ruby has perfected the cranky look, passed down from her mother. She brings it out on a regular basis and uses it on family and even strangers if they get up in her business.

Ruby loves all food, seriously the kid will eat anything. Water too, she drinks it all day long. Its fantastic! Like her brother and sister she is a huge fan of ice cream and playgrounds. She can often be heard yelling “follow me Amelie, follow me Charlie”. We love this little go getter and can’t wait to show her the world.