This place was a challenge from the start when we first started planning our trip around the world. When Rohan shared with Amelie that Iceland had active volcanoes she was adamant we would not be going. We tried persuading her by telling her the cast of Frozen lived there, we tried reasoning that it was…
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Tallinn, Estonia

Amelie the ballerina

After non stop travel we were looking forward to a ‘rest’ which means 8 days staying in the one spot. Estonia is very affordable compared to Sweden and Finland so we booked an apartment in the Old Town Tallinn and looked forward to the recharge. It didn’t exactly work out that way! Getting there We…
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Stockholm, Turku & Helsinki

Ferry crossing, Turku

Our exit from Poland started with an early flight, we were up at 4am after having only had 2 hours sleep. During the night Charlie had stolen Ruby’s bear, we spent a very long time looking for it before we found it underneath him. The real kicker is he slept throughout the whole ordeal. The…
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